Dear Customers & Dealers – May 2020 Update

Dear Customers & Dealers,

We wish all of you well in these times, we miss you, & we look forward to the day when we can responsibly reconvene again!

Due to the continuing CDC, State and Federal recommendations, Scranberry Coop is temporarily be closed to the general public until the governor’s notice.

In the meantime, feel free to join us on Facebook for our live streams where you can browse our dealer’s antiques, collectibles, & more from the comfort of your home!

Live Stream Schedule:

Wednesdays @ 12:30 PM
Saturday @ 12:30 PM

If you see anything in these live streams or our page that piques your interest, email […]

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Booth 33

My wife and I have been doing crafts for over 20 years. All the items are made from raw material to a finished product. As a retired carpenter I have the proper shop and tools to make the crafts. We also do custom woodworking. We do a variety of items from wood items to quilts and framed stitchery pictures. We love what we do. We hope you find that treasure you are looking for in BOOTH 33.

Cory & Shelby Orlando


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Dear Customers & Dealers – Temporarily Closed Due To CDC Recommendations

Sometimes being an adult isn’t easy. Fortunately doing the responsible thing is!

In light of the CDC, State and Federal recommendations the Scranberry Coop will temporarily be closed to the general public until the governor’s notice.

Also consider making an appointment for a virtual shopping via video.

We will continue to post available treasures on Facebook as usual and will make every effort to hold and arrange for pick up those items you have to have!

Any questions or concerns, email at The Coop are committed to the safety of all our customers, dealers and staff.

Wash your hands, be kind, relax a bit […]

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Joanne Zarger

Joanne has been a dealer at Scranberry Coop for over 23 years. During this time she has met many people, other dealers and customers. Educating some, bargaining with others and almost always laughing. It has been my pleasure to have this charismatic woman as a part of this family for all my time here. Joanne served as President of a New Jersey Antique Bottle Club. For many years she has been selling her wares at bottle shows and antique events all over the east coast.

Joanne started in the world of antiques as a child, her mother was a high end antique […]

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Booth 124

Hi and welcome to Booth 124 inside Scranberry Coop! My name is Susan and I’ve been a dealer since 2017. First I started with a smaller booth then I outgrew it and moved into this bigger one. It’s been a fun experience. Every week I add more treasures. My favorites are cast iron, metal signs, collectibles and home decor. Sometimes you’ll find games, rustic treasures, or garden decorations. Who knows what I’ll be adding next!

Not only do I have a booth, I also handle the Scranberry Coop Facebook page. Yes, I’m the one […]

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Top Ten Scranberry Coop FB Pictures – August 2019

This associate of Scranberry Coop would like to thank all of you for your high engagement with our FB fan page this past month! The following are our top ten pictures from August, featuring a number of our quality dealers and our beloved dog Joey! Whether this will be a trip down memory lane for you, or if you are seeing these pictures for the first time, we are sure you will enjoy this collection! By the way, if you would like to stay up to date with our latest posts and announcements, be sure to like […]

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Featured Dealer – Booth # 58 – Karen Gunzel

Flea Markets, Auctions, Garage Sales, and Estate Sales are my Archeological Dig Sites. I am Karen Gunzel, proud Scranberry Coop Dealer, Booth #58. I have been buying and selling interesting items since Depression Glass was hot, hot, hot! I don’t know what I enjoy more; the thrill of the hunt, or the setting up and displaying of my merchandise at the Coop. And the selling is great too!

I have sold at many different venues but I must admit the most friendly and interesting displays I have ever done happen at the Scranberry Coop. My oddities and old objects and are […]

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Featured Dealer – Booth #4 – Abra Cadaver

I’ve always had an interest in clothes. Not the everyday sort, but pieces that would stand out. Be different. Things that would suggest the kind of person I am, or want to be.

Collecting “wearable art” has been a passion, and I’ve amassed quite a stash over the years. Sometimes I surprise myself when I rediscover a dress, hat, or coat that I bought YEARS ago. Who knew that other people would enjoy my findings just like I do?!

I carry vintage and older designer fashions from the ‘30s to the ‘70s. Occasionally I’ll find something new-ish that fits the bill, but […]

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Featured Dealer – Booth # 66 – Old & Odd

Hi, we are Jeff and Sandi Rusch, proprietors of ‘Old and Odd’, booth #66 at Scranberry Coop. We have been vendors at the Coop for a few years now, and Jeff helps ‘man’ the Jail on Thursdays. We started out as almost weekly shoppers, and quickly had so much great ‘stuff’ that we had to get a booth to sell some of it! We started off small, and quickly graduated to larger and larger booths until landing where we are now.

Since we’re both retired, I help as much as I can, but Jeff is the heart and soul behind the […]

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Featured Dealer: Mcfarland Leather

50% off sale on all currently available McFarland Leather gear!

On Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & No Name Sunday @ Scranberry Coop!

Don’t wait too long, or there will be nothing left for you! Oh & brownie points for anyone that can come up with a good alternative name for “No Name Sunday,” we just honestly have no idea what to call it at this point… Procrastinator Sunday maybe?

& if you miss the 50% off sale because of a potential food coma or for any other undisclosed reason, or want to be super fancy like this very stylish dragon customer who […]

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