Unique, quirky, imperfectly perfect, rescued…these words bring joy to my heart. They are some of the words I use to describe my business, “Atl-Vintage”, an antique/vintage business that is physically located in booths 90 and 61 at Scranberry Coop, operated by me Karen O.

I love all things vintage! I have been buying and selling vintage my entire adult life. It was from my grandmother that I caught the bug and learned to appreciate antiques. She took such pride in her special pieces and treated them like true treasures. I spent many Sunday dinners and holidays with family in her antiques-filled home surrounded by beautiful china, delicate stemware, capodimonte centerpieces, antique furniture and crystal. Those warm feelings of family are brought back every time I get a new piece and proudly place it in my home. While her taste was more fancy, I grew to love the unfussy, more attainable, usable kinds of antiques. As time goes on, the things that catch my eye (and land in my booth) run the gamut from primitives to collectibles to decorative pieces and the utilitarian. Anything that can fit into a nook, on a mantle, bookshelf or on a kitchen counter is what you will find in my booths.

I believe everyone should be able to collect and decorate their homes with unique rescued pieces that reflect their personalities even if they don’t have time to scout them out as much as I do. I moved into Scranberry Coop to make these treasures available to everyone who appreciates vintage and can come out to at least one location where they can sample the stock of 150 dealers! I truly believe that rescuing old treasures instead of buying new is the most responsible, fun and creative thing we can do.

A sample of what you can find today in my spaces include small stands, amber crystal tumblers, a piano bench, mirrors, lithographs, collectible books, bookends, decorative items, a vintage doorstop, vintage afghans, a salesman sample library table, a pink hippo pitcher and much more! I can be found online at www.altvintage.com and on eBay at altvintagenj.

One day when reflecting on my purpose for starting my vintage business I was moved to write a poem. I don’t typically write poems as I am not an actual poet, but I wrote this one anyway about what alt-vintage means for me…

Alt Vintage is…

The love of old things that
Bring comfort and joy to one’s
Spirit. Those old things that make
A place feel warm and inviting and
Cozy. That make a house
A home.

Not all old things but those
That have been well-used and
Well-loved over the years. Things which
Once dwelled in spaces where
Everyday living took place; alongside the People who did the living.
Alt Vintage is the loving attention to those Useful things just as they are…or perhaps Altered. Finding new purpose and
Loveliness in homes where
Everyday living takes place; alongside the People doing the living.

Alt Vintage is an alternative to mass produced, Impersonal, cheap and cold. An act of Altruistism towards the earth and humankind. An expression of individual aesthetic and Discerning vision for the creation of one’s own High energy environment.

Alt Vintage is
Utilitarian and

By Karen O’Malley 2020