My name is Cluck Norris

It was a difficult decision, but after much deliberation, laughing, groaning and maybe a few beers we have declared a winner in the naming the Coop’s rooster!
Drum roll please………

“Cluck Norris” he is!!!

Thank you Olga S. for coming up with this!
There were so many great names, thank you everyone who submitted. We want to share some of the runners up.

Scoopy Doo
Chick Jagger
Gary (Cooper)
Joe Cocker
Colonel Cluck
Chicken Little
Patty McStuffinpants
Lug Nut
The Scrooster
And 13 variations of Cooper

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Please help us find a great name for our rooster.

Our rooster has been proudly guarding the Coop for several weeks now. It’s time to give him a name. Please help us find a great name for him.

When you visit the Coop next time, please put your suggestion in the jar next to the cash register. We wil announce the rooster’s name on Facebook on July 4th, 2024.

Thank you for your participation.

Store Hours
Wednesday-Sunday 10-5

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Spend the whole day in Andover the weekend of November 11 & 12!

The Andover borough actually starts as you come down the hill if you’re heading north on 206 thus encompassing the Scranberry Coop along with the 5 shops right through the tunnel after the coop. Plan on wearing your walking shoes as you don’t want to miss any of the 6 shops participating in the November marketplace – this is going to be a November to remember! View Event

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December 1-24

Call if you have questions!

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