Dear Customers & Dealers – May 2020 Update

Dear Customers & Dealers,

We wish all of you well in these times, we miss you, & we look forward to the day when we can responsibly reconvene again!

Due to the continuing CDC, State and Federal recommendations, Scranberry Coop is temporarily be closed to the general public until the governor’s notice.

In the meantime, feel free to join us on Facebook for our live streams where you can browse our dealer’s antiques, collectibles, & more from the comfort of your home!

Live Stream Schedule:

Wednesdays @ 12:30 PM
Saturday @ 12:30 PM

If you see anything in these live streams or our page that piques your interest, email […]

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Booth 33

My wife and I have been doing crafts for over 20 years. All the items are made from raw material to a finished product. As a retired carpenter I have the proper shop and tools to make the crafts. We also do custom woodworking. We do a variety of items from wood items to quilts and framed stitchery pictures. We love what we do. We hope you find that treasure you are looking for in BOOTH 33.

Cory & Shelby Orlando


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Dear Customers & Dealers – Temporarily Closed Due To CDC Recommendations

Sometimes being an adult isn’t easy. Fortunately doing the responsible thing is!

In light of the CDC, State and Federal recommendations the Scranberry Coop will temporarily be closed to the general public until the governor’s notice.

Also consider making an appointment for a virtual shopping via video.

We will continue to post available treasures on Facebook as usual and will make every effort to hold and arrange for pick up those items you have to have!

Any questions or concerns, email at The Coop are committed to the safety of all our customers, dealers and staff.

Wash your hands, be kind, relax a bit […]

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Joanne Zarger

Joanne has been a dealer at Scranberry Coop for over 23 years. During this time she has met many people, other dealers and customers. Educating some, bargaining with others and almost always laughing. It has been my pleasure to have this charismatic woman as a part of this family for all my time here. Joanne served as President of a New Jersey Antique Bottle Club. For many years she has been selling her wares at bottle shows and antique events all over the east coast.

Joanne started in the world of antiques as a child, her mother was a high end antique […]

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Joey is Spreading the Love!

February is the month of LOVE and Joey wants to spread as much as he can to all his friends in the local animal shelters. Won’t you help out?

Scranberry Coop is collecting all types of donations for our furry friends who still haven’t found their forever homes!

Please Drop Off: Pet Food, Cat Litter, Collars, Leashes, Toys, Grooming, Supplies, Pet Shampoo, Paper Towels, Bleach, Laundry Detergent, Garbage Bags, Sponges, Dog Sweaters, & TREATS!

Thank you from all of us at The Coop!

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Booth 124

Hi and welcome to Booth 124 inside Scranberry Coop! My name is Susan and I’ve been a dealer since 2017. First I started with a smaller booth then I outgrew it and moved into this bigger one. It’s been a fun experience. Every week I add more treasures. My favorites are cast iron, metal signs, collectibles and home decor. Sometimes you’ll find games, rustic treasures, or garden decorations. Who knows what I’ll be adding next!

Not only do I have a booth, I also handle the Scranberry Coop Facebook page. Yes, I’m the one […]

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Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2020 everyone! A new year, a new decade, & a new time to be alive! :D Perhaps many of you have set a new year’s resolution such as exercising, organization, learning a new skill, saving money, etc., & while at first we may be on top of this on the onset of the new year, perhaps as time goes on, perhaps you may find yourself not sticking to said resolutions. I’ll say this; don’t beat yourself up if this happens (or happened)! Once one identifies & is aware of a personal area to improve, such as keeping resolutions, then […]

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Why do we procrastinate Christmas shopping?

Perhaps I am stating this to validate my approach to a number of areas of my own life, but I would like to imagine that I am not the only one that waits until the last minute to buy gifts. While I let the clock tick ever closer to the 25th, knowing that I will most certainly blitz gift buying on the 24th, instead of resolving this looming responsibility last weekend for example, I decided to contemplate why I am procrastinating Christmas shopping. A form of delay for sure, but at least we can all revel in this shared moment […]

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5 Ways To Have Your Turkey Not Be Dry & Bland On Turkey Day

Very soon many people will be throwing a turkey in the oven & serving it to their guests, but let me be the first to say it for everyone; the turkey is often way too bland & dry! Yes, the main course of Thanksgiving dinner is often the least flavorful & don’t tell me to “just put the gravy & sauces on it afterwards” because in that case, I’d rather put all the fixings on something else with more flavor! This problem is further compounded due to the emphasis on being “thankful” on Thanksgiving Day, which in this case makes […]

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Pumpkin Spice Latte – Is It Basic?


This associate of Scranberry Coop almost considered ending this bit here, but instead let’s dive a bit further into why pumpkin spice latte is so basic. According to Business Insider, “To be basic in the era of Pumpkin Spice Latte means to be lacking in creativity or aggressively mainstream and feminine… a term ‘some women were using it to describe other women who they didn’t think had interesting taste.'” & while pumpkin spice latte may have been innovative back in 2003 when it was first unleashed upon the world, it is now 16 years old. Yes, […]

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