It’s pretty easy to become a Scranberry Coop dealer.
Here are some facts and information you’ll need to get started.


  • Over 150 individual unique booth spaces.
  • A rental lease period is one year.
  • Rentals range from $95 to $650 per month depending on booth size and location.
  • Scranberry Coop retains 5% of your sales as a commission.
  • Liability Insurance – $ 100 per year.
  • One month’s rent is held as a security deposit. It is forfeited if you do not fulfill your lease agreement.


  • Spaces vary for all kinds of vending needs. We have locking glass door cases great for jewelry, coins and smaller collectibles. We have large rooms with floor space for furniture and bigger items. And every size in between.
  • For most booths you are free to arrange and re-arrange your shelving and display ideas your way.
  • Booth rates vary depending on size and location.


  • Our flea markets and all our events are open exclusively to our family of dealers as vendors.
  • Other than charities, no one else can have a table or sell their items at our events.
  • Social media sharing — your items may be photographed and included on this site, as well as our Pinterest and Facebook pages.
  • If someone sees your item online they may tag it, share it, re-post it and talk about it.
  • We’re a family owned single-location neighborhood store.
  • We celebrate a family of 150+ local dealers here. We are a community, a neighborhood.


  • There is no requirement of floor time from you as a dealer. We take care of staffing and running the shop.
  • Scranberry Coop collects and pays all of the state sales tax.
  • Liability insurance is required, your cost is $100 per year. But we’ll take care of all that paperwork.
  • We do all the office stuff. We staff the store, file the taxes, we snow plow and cut the grass, we clean the bathrooms, pay the utilities, open up the shop, and close it down when day is done.
  • As a dealer you can relax and concentrate on the fun stuff: YOUR stuff.