Hi everyone! My name is Betsy and I am the dealer who’s stuff lives in booth number 96.

My adventure at Scranberry Coop started in a much smaller booth, but I quickly realized I was going to need much more space! I moved to a larger booth, but that one wasn’t quite big enough either. I was finally able to settle into my current booth, and I think I finally found my forever home. At least for now.

I spent several years driving past the Coop four times a day, but somehow never stopped. One day I just made the decision I was stopping, and from the moment I walked through the front door that day, I knew I was home. From the people who work there, to the music, to the customers, to all the fun finds, to Joey the dog, I knew immediately that this was my new favorite place.

As a former Librarian and current collector of… all things, I love the history behind so many of the items in the store. Some of the items in my booth have a solid history behind them, but many are simply things I thought were pretty or unique.

The items in my booth range from true antiques, to vintage glassware, seasonal items, puzzles, toys and clothes my daughter has outgrown, books, home decor, and pretty much anything I think someone might find joy in.

I work at the counter on Saturdays, so if you stop in on a Saturday, be sure to say hello! Seeing our customers find that perfect something they were looking for, or finding something they never knew they needed, is one of my favorite parts of being a small piece of the magic that is Scranberry Coop.