Joanne has been a dealer at Scranberry Coop for over 23 years. During this time she has met many people, other dealers and customers. Educating some, bargaining with others and almost always laughing. It has been my pleasure to have this charismatic woman as a part of this family for all my time here. Joanne served as President of a New Jersey Antique Bottle Club. For many years she has been selling her wares at bottle shows and antique events all over the east coast.

Joanne started in the world of antiques as a child, her mother was a high end antique dealer. Joanne became fascinated with bottles and has an extensive personal collection. Joanne’s daughter, Amy, told me she was allowed to skip school if it was to dig bottles! Affectionately known as “The Bottle Lady,” her expertise doesn’t stop at bottles. Her booths have always been well stocked with a wide variety of items, from vintage sleigh bells to sad irons, delicate occasional tables, sturdy oak dressers, antique fire memorabilia and much more. She has also been my and many others encyclopedia, always willing to help us with questions we had, from value to what the heck is this?

Please stop in to wish this amazing lady a happy retirement, & I along with many dealers and customers of Scranberry Coop wish you the best Joanne!

~ Lori English