Perhaps I am stating this to validate my approach to a number of areas of my own life, but I would like to imagine that I am not the only one that waits until the last minute to buy gifts. While I let the clock tick ever closer to the 25th, knowing that I will most certainly blitz gift buying on the 24th, instead of resolving this looming responsibility last weekend for example, I decided to contemplate why I am procrastinating Christmas shopping. A form of delay for sure, but at least we can all revel in this shared moment together, knowing that we aren’t alone in our methods. To those of you that already went & got your Christmas gifts early: good for you *golf clap*. You should probably continue to read anyways so that you can understand the 95% of us that wait until the last minute, & disclaimer, that statistic is totally not backed up by a source but you should take it to heart anyways. ;p


This is the most wonderful time of the year to be busy with anything & everything. Have a job? Great, you’re working during the time where every business is trying to close their year out strong. Have kids? I’m so sorry for you, but also, all those school responsibilities that your kids have, which by the way pull you away from everything else. Have a life? Awesome, get ready for every single movie, show, party, gathering, or venture out of your home to make anything & everything in your schedule. The truth is that we are going to be running at a neck breaking speeds to the finish line & then probably going to ghost everyone come January for a month long hibernation. So honestly, I don’t blame you if your schedule is a little bit packed at the moment. & to those of you that don’t suffer from the insanity of the holiday season schedule: good for you, *here’s a gold star*.


So let’s say you finally find some time to actually go shopping. Here’s a great question: if you buy a gift for someone that is buying a gift for you, why didn’t the both of you just buy the item that you needed to begin with? I know this doesn’t apply to buying gifts for kids because they are dependent until they leave the house, & again I’m sorry to you parents, but the answer to the question posed is the “special thought” put into it, & this is where this gets complicated. We’re not psychic, so we have to spend a lot of time choosing a gift that will surprise them & will instill the feeling that “yes, this is something special & unique,” yet not be so surprising that it doesn’t resonate with them. & as the days go by & the anxiety continuously increases, all of the sudden it’s December 23rd & at that point, you have to act now. To everyone else, good for you *random act of ego boost*.

Scranberry is Open on the 23rd & 24th

So let’s say you’re overwhelmed, a perfectionist, or maybe you just have a degree of apathy during this time of the year (speaking of apathy, I apathetically did not expand on apathy in its own section lol). Don’t worry: Scranberry Coop has got your back! We will be open on Monday December 23rd & Tuesday December 24th so everyone can blitz & be just in time! & to all of you that want to look for that special something that you know will not be found anywhere else, know that Scranberry Coop’s myriad of dealers all have unique one of a kind items that you will not be able to find anywhere else! & to those of you that have already went shopping early at Scranberry Coop for your Christmas shopping, thank you so much for being a part of our family *not sarcastically this time*, & we look forward to assisting everyone during this most crazy wonderful time of the year! :D