Some of us have been yearning for the change of seasons while others may have been dreading it, but now it is undeniable: Autumn is here & Halloween is just around the corner! If you couldn’t tell, this associate of Scranberry Coop is a major fan of the onset of Autumn, so while I am sure that some readers may take issue with this, I would like to communicate how much I adore this time of the year; no negative nancy this time around! While change may be a tricky prospect for some, I know that I along with many others embrace it entirely, & perhaps with a little bit of convincing dialogue, I can open your eyes to a whole new world & perspective that is the magic of Halloween, Autumn, & the season of change! Disclaimer: your opinions & stances are your own & by no means do I expect you to completely change your outlook on any issues unless you come to that decision internally & embrace it on your own terms.


After months of holidays for the sake of holidays (Labor Day? Why name a weekend after work?) we finally have a holiday that actually has its own unique aesthetic and notoriety. Did you feel the pressure to dress in very bright pastel colors over the course of the summer? Well, have no fear, now you can break out the earth and darker tones of your wardrobe, or dress however you want and justify it as potential costume outfits for Halloween! If you happen to be outside of the country this month, you can also experience the aesthetic of halloween around the world, whether it be called Samhain or Dia de las Muertos, this holiday is definitely more internationally accepted & celebrated. Plus, who doesn’t love candy? Go get some candy & indulge, & if others question you on why you have so much candy, say you’re stocking up for the trick or treaters, & then proceed to treat yourself!


Have you felt like you needed the air conditioner on full blast for the entire length of summer? Save on your electricity bill because I am currently sitting outside quite comfortably working outside without breaking a sweat! Did you notice the change of color in the trees, from the dominant green to the trickling in of yellow, orange, & red? Now you definitely should have, & you should definitely take a day to enjoy a drive out, see the new foliage, & be amazed. Did you feel like the sun has dominated your life & maybe you had worries about constantly applying sun screen to avoid those burns? With the passing of the most recent equinox weekend, day and night have equalized in duration, so you can get the best of both worlds (this associate does have a preference for night, but I digress).


Just as one should be wary of swimming in or drink stagnant waters while encouraged to jump into bodies of liquid with constant flow, I highly encourage everyone to pursue environments of forward movement & progress. If each of us looks back and remembers where we were & where we are now, nothing is permanent and the present going into the future is exciting! & yes, sometimes who or what have held dear to our hearts we may have had to let go of, but keep an open stance & these temporary voids can be rectified with someone or something new that brings us a new & fresh perspective on life. Life is a roller coaster, so hold on & enjoy the ride! I personally have always sought an interesting life first & foremost, & I confidently say that life with all of its ups & downs is wonderful.