For the last few months, the call to social distance & self quarantine has affected us all, & some of us have finished one too many Netflix series. June 20th was the first day of summer, & places in New Jersey are slowly opening back up with social distancing guidelines in place. There is a way to find balance between enjoying the extended sunlight while adhering to recommended health advisories, but perhaps it’s seemed like an eternity & you need some advice. Not going to lie, this associate of Scranberry Coop has had a hard time putting this list together, but perhaps reading this can spark some ideas for you. Here are five things you can do this summer that still encourage social distancing:

Continue To Introvert

Let’s just get this one out of the way & this associate may be speaking more from personal experience, but there is nothing wrong with continuing to do what you are comfortable with. If you have been doing things such as learning new skills, reading more books, or honing your craft, & it has been beneficial to you, then do so. Maybe go outside here & there to get some sunlight, but at the end of the day, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

Virtual BBQs

This one takes virtual hangouts to another level, & can provide lots of flexibility to the interactions. Instead of sitting there awkwardly on a zoom call trying to decide if one should be attentive or able to walk away from the screen, one can be preparing or stuffing their face with food while someone else is talking. Plus, you can be as casual or competitive as you like regarding the food you have, & there will be no judgment for what you make for yourself.

Go For Hikes

What better way to keep six feet distance away from others than going for a hike into the middle of nowhere where one can walk thousands of feet away from people? State parks have been open since the end of April in New Jersey, and the extended sunlight gives you more time to tackle those extra long trails. Be sure to use bug spray, bring water, and get your bearings right and you should be good to go.

Drive Around

Due to a number of factors, gas prices are significantly lower, so why not go drive around, not to any particular location, but just around town or onto the highway off into the sunset. Reenact your favorite movie scene, throw on some shades, contemplate life, whatever floats your boat.  You can also influence people’s music tastes by playing loud music from your car, although be careful about driving too fast due to the really exhilarating tracks.

Shop at Scranberry Coop

Scranberry Coop has just recently reopened to the general public with social distancing rules in effect. In our large building that houses 150+ dealers, there will be plenty of space for you to browse all that our dealers have to offer, & we also are having bimonthly outdoor flea markets the first & third Sunday for July & August! Remember, stay 2 Joey Badenov’s apart & face coverings mandatory as mandated by the state, & we look forward to seeing you soon!