As we approach St. Patrick’s Day, you may be aware of a number of holiday traditions. This associate of Scranberry Coop is here to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to four such traditions. & as a disclaimer, this is 100% my opinion & you can judge for yourself how you would like to proceed with your festivities. Just know that there is at least some rationale to my opinions, so I would encourage you to read further:

Parades – Yes, but not in New York City.

If you are into parades, attend a local one. Not only will you dodge the absolute nightmare that the city becomes during any of its parades, but you will also be supporting your local neighbors & people you are more likely to know. & if you live in the city, then I am sorry for you. I have no idea how you manage to live in such a place, & you should really come visit somewhere surrounded by trees away from the concrete jungle… like Scranberry Coop. It’s nice out here.

Wear Green or Get Pinched – NO.

Do not allow anyone an excuse to do anything to you without consent. It does not matter what the “expectation” is. If you want to wear green or any color, that is absolutely your choice, & no one should reprimand you for it. This is one societal tradition you are more than encouraged to break free of. & if someone pinches you out of nowhere, then feel free to verbally scold them.

Finding 4 Leaf Clovers – Sure, but don’t pluck them.

Only one out of thousands of clovers develop the mutation to grow four leaves, so why would you kill these rarities? For some “good luck?” Tell you what: you will have even more luck if you find one & do not pluck it. Then whatever magic is hiding in these mythical clovers will grow even more & will grant you even more good luck. If you think this line of logic is ridiculous, then so is the concept of 4 leaf clovers being lucky, in which case, don’t pluck them.

Catching Leprechauns – No.

Leprechauns are of the “monkey’s paw” variant, where they will deceive you or twist your wish into something you’ll spend your last wishes getting out of the first ones. For example, let’s say you wish for a million dollars. You get the million dollars, but then immediately the police show up to your door because a million dollars went missing. You then wish for the police to be gone, & they leave, just for the FBI to show up. You then spend your last wish reversing the last two wishes, & now you’re back to square one, absolutely traumatized. I could go on & on with more examples, but long story short, the time you could spend catching a leprechaun, you could be spending with your friends & family, or finding your treasure at Scranberry Coop. ;P