Known worldwide, he’s Krampus, Grandfather Frost, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or Tompte. His companions range from moorish dwarfs to darling grandaughters, his transportation goes from goats to Stallions to grand sleighs, and his demeanor varies from punishing to saintly.

Here in the USA we tend to like our Santa Claus jolly! Typically he’s dressed in red, donning a thick white beard, a big belly, and a grand list of all the children who were naughty and nice.

Other than an occasional lump of coal story, our Santas are kind and generous, granting wishes, eating Christmas sprinkle cookies and leaving lots of presents underneath Christmas trees every December 25th.

We’ve commemorated our wonderful childhood memories with lots of different vintage Santas. Maybe for you it’s your grandmother’s cookie jar Santa with Rudolph, or your mother’s Santa Claus broach, proudly pinned on her winter coat every year. Maybe it’s your best friend’s Annalee decorations of Mrs and Mr Claus with the elves. Or maybe it’s the plush Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus dolls with their plastic faces that you and your siblings played with, while keeping an ear out for those sleigh bells on Christmas Eve.

Whether your favorite Santa was a small felt flocked ornament adorning your tree, a big lighted blowmold on the front lawn, or a precious figurine sitting dapper on the mantle, Scranberry Coop Antique Store awaits you. Come find mementos of your treasured memories here. Vintage Christmas linens, North Pole decor, antique plates for Santa’s treats… with 150 unique dealers and lots of turn over, we’ve got it all. Come look for that sweet little Santa that reminds you of a special holiday season gone by.

Of course Scranberry Coop is the BEST place to shop for those unique gifts on your list: the personal nostalgia, your present to a special person that says you remembered, you share this memory, and here’s a token to celebrate.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, there are loads of Santa Clauses and they’re all at Scranberry Coop!

Come Often, Leave Happy!

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