Happy new year from Scranberry Coop! It is a common tradition to make a new year’s resolution that you may or may not fulfill, but this affiliate of Scranberry Coop has this to say: live in the present. Being stuck in the past leads to depression, while constantly worrying about the future leads to anxiety, & there is already so much to engage within the present! Another common saying; The past is history, & the future is a mystery, but today is a gift & that’s why it is called the present! So while this list of 40 New Year’s Resolutions We Never Keep, courtesy of the Oddesy Online is a hilarious read & a slight jab at what we may actually want to consider doing, remember to be kind to yourself if you find yourself stretched too thin between too many obligations! & remember, always feel free to stop by at Scranberry Coop if you want to be around some down to earth people in these frigid winter months. :)

1. “I’ll get a job and focus more on how I spend my money.”
2. “I’ll start working out tomorrow…after I buy a gym membership.”
3. “I won’t spend money on things that aren’t important.”
4. “I won’t text him/her back.
5. “I’ll focus on my grades and study harder this year.”
6. “I won’t procrastinate.”
7. “I’ll get more sleep this year.”
8. “I’ll take on a new hobby.”
9. “I’ll start to go to bed earlier or follow a sleep schedule.”
10. “I’m going to become more organized.”
11. “I’m buying a Fitbit.”
12. “I’ll connect with my camp friends more.”
13. “I promise to stop to stop watching Netflix so much.”
14. “I’ll learn something new.”
15. “I’ll call Grandma back tomorrow.
16. “I’ll stop eating fast food…does that include Taco Bell?
17. “I’m going to walk to more places and drive less.”
18. “I won’t spend all the money on my meal plan before the semester ends.”
19. “I’ll get out of debt.”
20. “I’m not going to binge eat in my dorm room at night.”
21. “I’m going to stop making excuses for things I can’t change.”
22. “I’ll spend less time on social media.”
23. “I’ll get rid of my unworn or old clothing.”
24. “I won’t go out as much and take some time for myself.”
25. “I’ll think only positive thoughts and reject any negative thinking.”
26. “I’ll drink less… (soda obviously).”
27. “I’ll stop worrying about what people think of me.”
28. “I will stop complaining about the little things.”
29. “I will recycle more.”
30. “I’m going to dedicate more time to my passions.”
31. “I’m going to find more ways to de-stress.”
32. “I’ll go to every single one of my classes this semester.”
33. “I’m going to conquer one of my fears.”
34. “I won’t do my math homework in my physics class.”
35. “I’ll stop being lazy… until tomorrow.”
36. “I’m going to get rid of my bad habits.”
37. “I’m going to start making more smart decisions.”
38. “I’m going to start using my phone less.
39. “I’m going to eat more fruits and vegetables.”
40. “I’m going to keep my New Year’s Resolution this year.”