Happy 2020 everyone! A new year, a new decade, & a new time to be alive! :D Perhaps many of you have set a new year’s resolution such as exercising, organization, learning a new skill, saving money, etc., & while at first we may be on top of this on the onset of the new year, perhaps as time goes on, perhaps you may find yourself not sticking to said resolutions. I’ll say this; don’t beat yourself up if this happens (or happened)! Once one identifies & is aware of a personal area to improve, such as keeping resolutions, then one can take steps to correct it. Let’s do our best to get things off the right foot & review a number of things one can do to stick with what we promised ourselves! Disclaimer; I am not a certified life coach & these are subjective opinions that you can choose to take into consideration or not, & consequentially I am not liable for any actions you may or may not take.

Have someone nag you

If you have a friend, partner, associate, or pretty much anyone that would like to bother you on a consistent basis to stick to your resolution, then vocalize your resolution to said person & ask them to keep nagging you. This person should preferably be of the extroverted type & has an inclination to be the type that keeps tabs on you consistently. Of course the inherent willpower should come from you at the end of the day, but having that nagging voice be someone tangible & not just in you head can go a long way. I do have to tell you something though: do not turn against said selected nagger. If you have an inclination to turn on people who consistently remind you to do things, then do not go this route.

Set a daily alarm

Technology is wonderful in certain cases, & this is definitely one of those cases, so set a daily alarm that blares at you to do said resolution. This is preferable for those daily resolutions, although a morning reminder to adhere to a promise to yourself can go a long way. Alternatives could include a sign over your bed, dresser, sink, or somewhere that is in your view every day. Of course, if you are just going to turn on your phone for reminding you, then perhaps don’t do this. Last thing you want is an unfulfilled resolution & a broken phone or sign that you worked for. If the last two options of a friend or a phone to remind you are not helping, then you may have to ask yourself the following question:

Are you setting a resolution you want to undertake?

You have to be really honest with yourself, & sometimes this can be really difficult. Let’s take exercise for example. Yes, exercise is good for you, but maybe deep down, you don’t really want to be olympic levels of fit, so at first we try to power through. However, if we actually don’t want to be a certain thing that in we mentally thought we wanted to be, then we give up, & potentially turn on others for reminding us of a promise we made to ourselves we don’t even want to keep. So let’s start from the beginning (why was this not the first thing in the list): set a realistic resolution that you are inclined to do, & maybe build up from there. Maybe do a daily walk instead of a super intense workout at they gym. ;p

PS: Believe in yourself

Disclaimer: The order of this list potentially not ideal, but as I stated before, I am not a life coach. Anyways, let’s end on a super positive note, & I know this could be a whole resolution in of itself, but you the protagonist of your own story, & you have more power than you may think. Perhaps not shooting lightning out of your fingers kind of power (unless you do, in which case, please don’t electrocute me), but the mind is a powerful thing. If you struggle on a day to day basis, maybe look in the mirror & tell yourself that you believe in yourself, that you got this, that you are on a path that takes one step at a time, that you will get where you want to go. Believe in the you that believes in you. ^_^