As we wait for the next scheduled federal holiday, Labor Day, to arrive at the beginning of September, you may wish to pass the summer days with something to celebrate. This associate of Scranberry Coop would like to remind you that you & every day are worth celebrating. :) Sentimental statement aside, we have obtained a list of holidays that will keep you more than entertained for all of August. Ones we particularly like are “International Beer Day,” “Happiness Happens Day,” “Lazy Day,” “Relaxation Day,” & Joey particularly likes “Dog Appreciation Day.” ^_^ Side tangent: “Pluto Demoted Day” is a harsh reminder of how old traditions like “my very eager mother just served us nine pizzas” to remember the NINE planets is no more. ;-; Anyways, without further ado, here is a list of August holidays for you to potentially observe, courtesy of!

Date Weekday Holiday name
Aug 1 Thursday Girlfriend’s Day
Aug 2 Friday Ice Cream Sandwich Day
Aug 2 Friday International Beer Day
Aug 3 Saturday Watermelon Day
Aug 4 Sunday Sisters’ Day
Aug 4 Sunday Single Working Women’s Day
Aug 5 Monday Work Like a Dog Day
Aug 6 Tuesday Fresh Breath Day
Aug 7 Wednesday Lighthouse Day
Aug 8 Thursday Happiness Happens Day
Aug 9 Friday Book Lovers Day
Aug 10 Saturday Lazy Day
Aug 11 Sunday Son and Daughter Day
Aug 12 Monday Middle Child Day
Aug 13 Tuesday Left-Handers Day
Aug 14 Wednesday Creamsicle Day
Aug 15 Thursday Relaxation Day
Aug 16 Friday Tell a Joke Day
Aug 17 Saturday Thrift Shop Day
Aug 18 Sunday Mail Order Catalog Day
Aug 19 Monday World Photo Day
Aug 20 Tuesday Chocolate Pecan Pie Day
Aug 21 Wednesday Spumoni Day
Aug 22 Thursday Be An Angel Day
Aug 23 Friday Ride Like the Wind Day
Aug 24 Saturday Pluto Demoted Day
Aug 25 Sunday Kiss and Make up Day
Aug 26 Monday Dog Appreciation Day
Aug 27 Tuesday The Duchess Who Wasn’t Day
Aug 28 Wednesday Bow Tie Day
Aug 29 Thursday According to Hoyle Day
Aug 30 Friday Frankenstein Day
Aug 31 Saturday Eat Outside Day