Hi, we are Jeff and Sandi Rusch, proprietors of ‘Old and Odd’, booth #66 at Scranberry Coop. We have been vendors at the Coop for a few years now, and Jeff helps ‘man’ the Jail on Thursdays. We started out as almost weekly shoppers, and quickly had so much great ‘stuff’ that we had to get a booth to sell some of it! We started off small, and quickly graduated to larger and larger booths until landing where we are now.

Since we’re both retired, I help as much as I can, but Jeff is the heart and soul behind the booth. He is a true picker and has become a regular in the auction houses. He has an amazing eye and sees the value in the unique items always stocked in our booth.

We add new treasures weekly (sometimes more!) and we sell a little bit of everything. Some of the things you can find in booth #66 include glassware, collectible kitchenware, classic vinyl, unique tools and vintage hardware.

Jeff and I love being a part of the Scranberry family!