I’ve always had an interest in clothes. Not the everyday sort, but pieces that would stand out. Be different. Things that would suggest the kind of person I am, or want to be.

Collecting “wearable art” has been a passion, and I’ve amassed quite a stash over the years. Sometimes I surprise myself when I rediscover a dress, hat, or coat that I bought YEARS ago. Who knew that other people would enjoy my findings just like I do?!

I carry vintage and older designer fashions from the ‘30s to the ‘70s. Occasionally I’ll find something new-ish that fits the bill, but my aim is old and great.

There’s always something new in my Shop, as I unearth my treasures. And you can always contact me if you’re looking for something specific. Just leave a message at the Desk.

Come along for the ride, and find an item (as Goodwill says) that’s “Ready To Rewear!” See you soon!