Extended Shopping Hours: Thurs. December 14 & Thurs. December 21, from 10 am to 7 pm!

Wow, our wonderful family of dealers did not disappoint this season! Kicking off the fun and festivities, they’ve completely LOADED their booths with incredible vintage finds, beautiful collectibles, wonderful antiques and even some gift baskets!

Shopping here is the exact opposite of a commercialized holiday. At the Coop, it’s not about mass production. It’s about finding that perfect momento, that token of years gone by, spent with family and friends that will forever remain in your heart. There was an ornament, or a little decoration that always made your holiday bright. How great would it be to find it again? Isn’t there someone in your circle that will smile at the fact that you remembered?

Gifts shouldn’t be monetary contests. They should be tokens of our affections. They should say, “I thought about this. I remember. I cared enough about you to never forget and to hunt this down, this token, this momento, this piece of our history. This moment in time.”

Come to Scranberry Coop. There’s something here for everybody special on your list, and there’s probably a thing or two here just for you, just waiting… for you!

The holiday season is all too short. Vacation time, gift giving, a happy boss, whimsical songs, good memories, great food & spirits; the fun and merry spirit of the holidays. Let’s make the fun last as long as possible!

Treat yourself to that little something special you didn’t get as a gift this year, or grab that little something special you should put away as the perfect gift for next year. Maybe you didn’t get to see some of your friends or family yet. Come check out the multitude of treasures here, maybe one would be the best gift for someone you celebrate with on New Years or after.

Hey, maybe you got a little cash as a holiday present. This is the place you want to be! There are some very unique items here, from antique desks to vintage cookie jars, to collectible Barbie dolls, to World War II memorabilia. We’ve got incredible black Americana, we’ve got gorgeous Fiestaware, we’ve got Lenox and musical instruments, we’ve got Snoopy and JFK, we’ve got ephemera and furniture, we’ve got linens and lovely jewelry, we’ve got Matchbox cards, old Santas, Charles Chips tins, antique dolls, and vintage comic books.

Isn’t there something that will put a smile on your face, or on the face of someone special to you? Come to Scranberry Coop. We can make you smile!

The shop is closed on Christmas, but this year we will be open on Tuesday the 26th of December, from 11 am to 4 pm!

Lots of dealers have marked down their treasures for the post holiday shopping fiesta, so come on in and check it out! Something you’ve had your eye on may suddenly be on sale. You don’t want to miss anything. You know what it’s like here – stuff is coming in and going out all the time. Join us this weekend for some of the best mark downs you’ll ever see!

From all of us at the Coop, to all of you:
Have a very Happy Holiday, and a very safe and prosperous New Year!