Out of all the months in the year, August lacks a ubiquitous “Hallmark Card” holiday, sitting after Independence Day in July and before Labor Day in September. However, we at Scranberry Coop are here to inform you that you can adopt a holiday for August today, from our compiled list of 69 August holidays! From National Girlfriend’s Day on August 1st to National Trail Mix Day on August 31st, go ahead and pick the holiday or holidays that resonate with you the most, mark the date or dates, and celebrate!

& of course, feel free to stop by Scranberry Coop if you would like to purchase items for your newly adopted holiday! 😉

List courtesy of National Today.

Aug. 1National Girlfriends DayU.S.
Aug. 1Regatta DayCanada
Aug. 1Spider-Man DayU.S.
Aug. 2National Coloring Book DayU.S.
Aug. 2National Ice Cream Sandwich DayU.S.
Aug. 3International Beer DayWorld
Aug. 3National Watermelon DayU.S.
Aug. 4National Chocolate Chip Cookie DayU.S.
Aug. 4National Mustard DayU.S.
Aug. 5National Friendship DayU.S.
Aug. 5National Sisters DayU.S.
Aug. 5National Underwear DayU.S.
Aug. 5Work Like a Dog DayU.S.
Aug. 6British Columbia DayCanada
Aug. 6Heritage Day in AlbertaCanada
Aug. 6Natal DayCanada
Aug. 6New Brunswick DayCanada
Aug. 6New South Wales Bank HolidayAustralia
Aug. 6Northern Territory Picnic DayAustralia
Aug. 6Provincial DayCanada
Aug. 6Terry Fox DayCanada
Aug. 8Peace Festival in AugsburgWorld
Aug. 8World Cat DayWorld
Aug. 9National Book Lovers DayU.S.
Aug. 9National Women’s DayWorld
Aug. 10National Lazy DayU.S.
Aug. 10National Spoil Your Dog DayU.S.
Aug. 11National Son and Daughter DayU.S.
Aug. 12International Youth DayWorld
Aug. 13International Lefthanders DayWorld
Aug. 13National Bowling DayU.S.
Aug. 14National Financial Awareness DayU.S.
Aug. 15Chant at the Moon DayU.S.
Aug. 15Feast of the AssumptionOther
Aug. 15National Relaxation DayU.S.
Aug. 15OnamWorld
Aug. 15Royal National Agricultural Show DayAustralia
Aug. 16National Rum DayU.S.
Aug. 16National Tell A Joke DayU.S.
Aug. 17Gold Cup ParadeCanada
Aug. 17National Black Cat Appreciation DayU.S.
Aug. 18National Fajita DayU.S.
Aug. 19International Homeless Animals DayWorld
Aug. 19National Aviation DayU.S.
Aug. 19National Potato DayU.S.
Aug. 19World Humanitarian DayWorld
Aug. 20Day of ArafahWorld
Aug. 20Discovery DayCanada
Aug. 20National Lemonade DayU.S.
Aug. 20National Radio DayU.S.
Aug. 21National Senior Citizens DayU.S.
Aug. 21Ninoy Aquino DayWorld
Aug. 22National Take Your Cat to the Vet DayU.S.
Aug. 22National Tooth Fairy DayU.S.
Aug. 23Cheap Flight DayWorld
Aug. 23Health Unit Coordinators DayU.S.
Aug. 23National Sponge Cake DayU.S.
Aug. 24National Waffle DayU.S.
Aug. 25National Banana Split DayU.S.
Aug. 25National Secondhand Wardrobe DayU.S.
Aug. 26National Dog DayU.S.
Aug. 26Raksha BandhanWorld
Aug. 27National Heroes’ Day holidayWorld
Aug. 27National Just Because DayU.S.
Aug. 28National Red Wine DayU.S.
Aug. 29National Lemon Juice DayU.S.
Aug. 30National Beach DayU.S.
Aug. 30National Holistic Pet DayU.S.
Aug. 31National Trail Mix DayU.S.