As we rapidly approach summer, we should first be happy that we got away from the winter months. Perhaps things got a little bit too cold this last winter, & after the teetering back & forth between cold snaps & warm springs, we seem to have finally broken through. But the honeymoon period is typically short-lived, and for some of us, summer can be a bittersweet experience. Perhaps I resonate with migrating mentalities, where we go south in the winter & really far north in the summer, but alas in today’s day & age, we endure the best & the worst of the seasons in this region. Now is a good time to prepare for what is to come, so here are three things to love & dislike about summer.

Love: The Sun

The sun has been worshipped as a deity in ancient civilizations, & perhaps you do the same at first. Longer days, warmer temperatures, vitamin D, no more winter depression, what isn’t there to like? & if you can tan, this is your prime time. Hit the beach, go on a hike, do whatever you want outside! *Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for whatever you want to do outside.

Dislike: The Sun

But as the days start feeling excessively long & the heat really doubles down, the sun can become quite oppressive. Perhaps you don’t tan & are actually burning in the sun to a crisp, or maybe you start getting paranoid about skin cancer. Don’t look straight into the sun for too long or you’ll burn your retinas out! & then you wish for longer nights, but alas the sun will always be just around the corner, for better or for worse.

Love: The Gatherings

So many people to catch up with, & the weather is begging you to meet up, so stop looking at your computer screen & start talking with other people in person! Fire up the grill, kick back with your friends, go out to parties, at first you’ll just want to go go go! Whether it’s familiar faces or new strangers,  you’ll have the initial fire to go out there & see the world, or at least outside your residence.

Dislike: The Gatherings

But then you may realize that you are actually falling behind on work, & you find yourself making a million trips to the supermarket to sustain said gatherings. Remember that diet & workout that you were supposed to be on? Just forget it, for you cannot deny the call of beef & other delicious meats (sorry vegetarians), so you’ll just have to work out next spring. Oh & forget it if you’re introverted: you either suffer all of the anxiety if you do go, or you have anxiety about others disliking you if you can’t make it (they do like you btw).

Love: Scranberry Coop Flea Markets

Have you noticed that our monthly flea markets happen only during the warm months of the year? The warmth is our best friend in having outdoor events, & it’s also a great place to gather and browse new items our dealers would love to show you! The next one is this Sunday, so if you haven’t been out to one as of late, feel free to come through & catch up! :)

Nothing to dislike about the Scranberry Coop Flea Markets, right? ;P